From time to time, I will post up useful templates, resources or other things that would be of use to other producers, artists and creatives.


Creative Business Confidence Weekend - Free Resources - Available for download from the 14th of February

On the 14th of January, I was invited by In Good Company and Derby Theatres to take part in their Creative Business Confidence Weekend. This was an opportunity for artists and independents to relax, take advantage of cheap treatments and to engage in workshops around how to create sustainable small business models.

I delivered a workshop based around dealing with failure and creating resilience in creative business. This was done alongside Antonia Beck and Dr Jacob Sadler, who were discussing their work on ‘The Creative Business’ - a new research project looking at practice in business development and resilience within arts-based creative industries.

My focus was largely on talking about the strategies I've developed to recover from setbacks that personally, in the last five years, have included burn outs and bereavements. Below you can find two simple templates that I gave out as part of the talk.

Income Projection template

A simple income projection document, intended to help visualise what the years expenses look like and what your income looks like. It's particularly useful for helping keep the "freelance fear" at bay as it allows you to see what's ahead and how long you have before you need to find more work. Download here

2017 Working Days Projection template

To be used alongside the cash flow template. This is a simple system I use to be able to understand when I have space for new projects, when there's time for a holiday and when I'm danger of over promising on the projects I've said yes to. I've set it so that there are 5 working days in the week, you can adjust the formula to suit your own working style and times. Download here

All of these documents are available under a Creative Commons license by Attribution. Full details here. But it basically means that you can share it and modify it, as long as you don't remove my credit as the original author.