Creative Producer / Project Manager / Creative Consultant / Teacher / Mentor

I’m driven by a desire to make the impossible happen and to work across art forms and not be restricted by genre or how things are normally done. I work with mavericks, bold artists and innovators who sit at the edges of their fields with their limbs in many others. I’m open, collaborative and firmly believe that sharing ideas and skills makes our whole sector stronger.

As a producer I’m most motivated by the fact that every artist and project that I take on has unique needs. There’s no one structure for how things should be done and I constantly have to re-invent and discover new techniques and processes. It’s what makes each day, week, month and year different and it’s why I get a kick out of what I do. Combining the unpredictable with the apparently impossible is a heady and invigorating combination.

I can come into a space or process and give fresh insights into how things can or are being done. I genuinely love to see people flourish and there’s something in me that gets a huge buzz out of taking the stresses of logistics away from an artist to give them the time they need to focus in on what they are creating. It’s the same feeling I get when I am approached by an organisation to produce a new or already running project. I thrive on creative challenges.

My roles change from project to project but can include creative input, fundraising, networking, location scouting, admin, marketing, design, teching, licensing, budgeting, tour booking and a potentially endless list of tasks.

I start each project with the question ‘what do you need from a producer?’, which leads onto identifying what areas an artist might need production support in. Sometimes these are clear from the outset, sometimes they pop up along the way and flexibility is fundamental to the ongoing conversation that is a creative project.

If you want an outside eye on a project or a sounding board for your idea, I offer honest and experienced feedback with both one-off meetings or longer term consultancy. I've now delivered workshops, lectured and sat on panels at Norwich University of the Arts, the University of West England, Derby University and Bath Spa University. I'm always happy to hear from course leaders who want to give their students a window into the world of independent producing. Workshops I can deliver include producing and project management, wellbeing in freelance practice, festival and outdoor event planning. I can create bespoke lectures and workshops as well, just get in touch with your needs.

Young producers, don't be afraid to get in touch.

If you’ve got a bold, daring or unconventional idea for stage, street, print, online or any other place where performance can happen, get in touch.

hello [at]


- Visual Studies BA – First Class Honours - Norwich School of Art & Design
- Foundation Diploma in Art & Design - Northbrook CollegeWorthing West Sussex

Key Skills
Fundraising, via ACE and crowd funding for R&D, touring and non-touring work. Tour management and booking. Artist development from initial ideas to fully realised shows. Site specific productions. Experience of working in theatre, live art, visual arts and music industries at small to large scale levels. Four years of experience taking shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Co-ordination and recruitment of production staff and volunteers. Lecturing in production and arts management at degree level. Art direction for marketing and promotional materials. Event management and planning. Curation of visual and performance arts.

Photograph supported by MAYK